Our Story


Our company wants to do something different with streetwear.
We want to change the narrative of how clothes represent us.
We want to move the world forward because we feel that streetwear
is going backwards with their “rebel without a cause” type messages
and designs. Our goal is to instill values, morals, virtues, and character. 
We, as a whole, lack this basic fundamental rule as we “progress” as a society,
lost in all the noise and distractions. This created a new list of problems… 
Global epidemics such as mental health, stress, depression, suicide, bullying,
drug addiction/abuse, feelings of being lost and empty... The list goes on… 
Our mission and vision is to empower others to live life fearlessly.
Be bold. Be courageous. To inspire others to pursue their dreams.
In doing so, we create a ripple effect for others to find
their own courage and way out of fear. Our wish is to see
a world where we can live from the heart, and live a life
with more passion, happiness, joy and abundance. 
We hope you will be apart of our journey!